living in a world full of assholes

16 sydney

Anonymous said: best friend?


  -  2 September

Anonymous said: why don't you go to school anymore?

the important people know why and have been such a great help. i’m trying really hard to get back to school though.

  -  2 September

Anonymous said: I met you for the first time a couple weekends ago and i was just shocked by your weight. Your supper skinny and even though we are not close friends i am still worried about how skinny you are. I hope you are okay xxxxxxxxxxxxx

i’m honestly great, sorry i “shocked” you but i’m fine with the way i look and i’m not going to let anons make me feel insecure about my weight.  x

  -  2 September

Anonymous said: HOLYSHITFUCK your music taste is amazing.

thank you, let me know any songs i should hear x

  -  2 September

Anonymous said: the anon was right, you are so skinny. do you diet? or what

no i don’t “diet”. i don’t even eat that healthy food. I really wouldn’t use that word 

  -  2 September

Anonymous said: Baby I'm so sorry to hear about your dad. I'm here for you. I love you okay?

that means a lot thank you. i’d love to know who this is? xx

Anonymous said: What is your story? Like, what had made you the person you are today?

Many things have made me into the person i am today. I think the main thing was when my dad unfortunately past away when in primary school. This forced me to grow up quicker because I had to be there for my mum and has differently made me a stronger and more appreciative person. 

Anonymous said: Do you like anyone at the moment? xo

no not at the moment 

  -  2 September

Anonymous said: I've tried but your on private :(

sorry! okay i’ll think about it 

  -  2 September

Anonymous said: How are you feeling today?

Today was actually good thanks for asking x

  -  2 September

Anonymous said: What are your favourite bands / artists?

it changes depending on what mood i’m in but heres a few

Sticky Fingers, Sam Smith, 1975, Drake, Coldplay, Chet Faker, Jhene Aiko, The Weekend, James Vincent McMorrow, Daughter, Rihanna

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